Sunday, 18 January 2009

Pellets: Barn and Little Owls

This photo shows the pellets of two owl species found in the same barn in South Yorkshire, England in January 2009. The larger is Barn Owl Tyto alba, the smaller Little Owl Athene noctua. The Barn Owl's is typical, being a broad cylinder shape and blunt at both ends. Little Owl pellets are typically pointed at one or both ends. The pellets were found and placed side by side for comparison by Dean Stables. 


Anonymous said...

Thanks for using the photo, Gerard. Much appreciated.

Gerard Gorman said...

Thanks for sending it Dean. I welcome all contributions. Gerard.

rosacruz7 said...

Well, it just brought back a few memories... back in 2001 I was actually 'tracking' barn owls - kinda lost count of all the pellets I collected and then analysed... they did give me proof that owls are a good thing to keep in your back-yard, though. Some people still think them harmful, 'demon' birds - would you believe that? But proving they were keeping rodent populations down helped saving a couple of nests.