Sunday, 17 April 2011

Badger paw print

Paw print of Badger in dry mud (20p coin for size comparison). Crna Mlaka ponds, Croatia, April 2011.


otterman said...

Not sure about that one Gerard ive seen thousands of otter tracks and that looks more like a badger track? Do you have anymore of the sequence?

Gerard Gorman said...

Well you may be right, I agree that it is not a classic. But it was on the bank above a fishpond with a trail leading FROM the water. And what about the size ? What features make you think it is a badger ? Cheers, Gerard.

otterman said...

sorry Gerard for not getting back to you i have been busy elsewhere. I hope you dont think i was being to critical as your site is great. i think it is mainly the almost straight line of the toes and shpe of the pad. an otter toes are much more characteristically tear shaped and splay around a much more uneven pad. a badgers pad is like a kidney bean. if you look on my blog there are some otter tracks in the snow from December 2010. hope this helps cheers Kevin